Preparing Effective School Leaders - Site Visit March 12, 2010 in New York City

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School leaders are key to improving teaching and learning. Picture of teacher with students. Principals, second only to teachers, are essential to turning around struggling schools and improving student achievement, particularly in low-performing schools. Research also suggests that there are virtually no documented instances of troubled schools being turned around without a talented principal.

Preparing effective school leaders was the focus of a full-day seminar that legislators and legislative staff participated in sponsored by The Wallace Foundation. State policymakers were given the opportunity to visit and learn about the impressive investment New York City is making to improve school leaders at the New York City Leadership Academy. The Academy prepares principals for some of the city's most challenging schools. Since 2003, the academy had graduated 392 educators through their Aspiring Principals Program (APP) and worked with more than 1,200 New York City public school principals through a variety of innovative, comprehensive leadership development, coaching and support programs. Policymakers also had a chance to learn about new and important research on effective school leadership.

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