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Cover of education publication: National Board for Professional Teaching Standards CertificationIntroduction

States today are facing deep cuts to education while struggling to close the
achievement gap and turn around low-performing schools. State legislators well
know that education must be a priority for workforce development and economic
competitiveness. The challenges lie in determining which programs are most
effective and where money can be best invested.

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards certification for teachers is one program that many state legislators continue to embrace. Although this program to provide voluntary rigorous national teacher certification has been in existence since 1987, state and local education policymakers, teachers and school leaders now are recognizing its promise and potential for addressing challenges in 21st century classrooms.

State legislators want to be armed with reliable information to make the best decisions about state resources. This guide provides a thorough overview of National Board certification so legislators can determine if this is a tool they wish to use to improve student achievement. Legislators will learn about the certification process, research on the program’s effectiveness, state policies to support and best use the program, and examples of successful implementation.