LESN/LHSN Joint Breakfast on School Health - July 26, 2010, Louisville, Kentucky

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Sara Shelton, NCSL LESN Staff Coordinator

Allison Colker, LHSN Staff Coordinator

Tara Lubin, LHSN Staff Coordinator

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For the second year, the Legislative Education Staff Network (LESN) and the Legislative Health Staff Network (LHSN) joined forces to sponsor a breakfast session for all legislative staff working on education and health policy at the NCSL Legislative Summit. This year, the session focused on school nutrition and physical education. View the session speakers and power point presentations below.


Paul Aguilar, Legislative Finance Committee, New Mexico; Staff Chair, NCSL Standing Committee on Education; NCSL Co-Chair, Legislative Education Staff Network

Mark Andrews, Utah Legislative; Chair, Legislative Health Staff Network


Amy Winterfeld, NCSL Health Program, Colorado

Power point graphicView Amy's power point presentation


Cheryl Reinhart, Bureau of Legislative Research, Arkansas; Steering Committee, Legislative Education Staff Network

power point graphicView Cheryl's power point presentation


Miriam Fordham, Legislative Research Commission, Kentucky

power point graphicView Miriam's power point presentation


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