Excellence in Education: Lessons from Massachusetts


2017 Legislative Summit


For a number of years, Massachusetts has topped national and international rankings for student achievement in math, science and English Language Arts. This has been the result of a strategic vision set years ago by education officials in Massachusetts and policies and practices put in place to meet that goal. Learn more about student achievement in the state and the successful strategies used to earn it a top spot in the world.  


  • Representative Robert Behning, Indiana, Co-Chair, NCSL Education Standing Committee
  • Senator Joyce Elliott, Arkansas


  • David Driscoll, former education commissioner, Massachusetts
  • Representative Alice Peisch, Massachusetts, co-chair, NCSL Education Standing Committee
  • Jim Peyser, secretary of education, Massachusetts
  • Paul Reville, Francis Keppel Professor of Practice of Educational Policy and Administration, Harvard Graduate School of Education, Massachusetts