Empowered Educators: What We Can Learn From Teaching In High-Performing Systems

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Empowered Educators: What We Can Learn From Teaching in High Performing Systems

Among the strategies that top-performing international systems have pursued, none have been more important than the policies they have developed to ensure that high-quality teaching takes place in every classroom, in every school, for every child. In order to find out how they did that, a team of researchers investigated seven jurisdictions across four continents, producing a landmark, international comparative study of teaching and teaching quality in the world's top-performing education systems: Empowered Educators. In this webinar, four of these preeminent researchers will discuss the policies and practices jurisdictions including Singapore, Canada, and Shanghai-China have used to recruit, prepare, induct, support and retain world-class teachers. 

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  • Marc Tucker, president and CEO, National Center on Education and the Economy
  • Linda Darling-Hammond, president, Learning Policy Institute and Charles E. Ducommun Professor of Education Emeritus, Stanford University
  • Carol Campbell, associate professor, Leadership and Educational Change, and director, Knowledge Network for Applied Education (KNAER), University of Ontario
  • A. Lin Goodwin, Evenden professor of education, vice dean, Teachers College, Columbia University
  • Mistilina Sato, associate professor, Teacher Development and Science Education, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities