Education Finance in the Time of COVID-19

Daniel G. Thatcher, J.D. 6/24/2020

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The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic will have a yet unknown—but most certainly unprecedented—impact on states’ education budgets. As states amend or revise their education budgets and finances to meet current fiscal conditions, this page will be updated to reflect those actions.

Legislatures Face Difficult Decisions with No Right Answers

Facing declines of 5%, 10% or more in tax revenue, legislatures—which bear the constitutional responsibility of enacting budgets for their respective states—must reconcile or rewrite their fiscal year 2020, FY2021 or FY2022 budgets based on these unprecedented shortfalls.

As we monitor state education budgets, we will update this page to reflect current budget forecasts and enactments. This page will also offer policy briefs and policy updates to help state legislators and staff navigate a most turbulent time in education finance.

Please visit this data visualization for information on the following:

  • State Revenue Performance During the Great Recession (Selected Revenues)
  • State and Local Revenue Performance During the Great Recession
  • State Revenue Performance During the Great Recession (by State)
  • Elementary and Secondary Education Revenue During the Great Recession

For more detailed information on state education finances, please visit this data visualization.

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