Early Learning and Support


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Trends, Research and NCSL Groups

New research, news, resources and NCSL legislative groups will keep you in the know for preschool–third grade topics such as literacy, mathematics, family engagement, dual language learners, school readiness, school discipline and much more.


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Policies in Preschool-3rd Grade

State legislative tracking covers a variety of early learning topics, including early literacy skills, discipline, STEM education, dual-language learners, family engagement, school readiness, governance, teachers and much more.



Early Learning and Support


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Preschool-3rd Grade Education

This section contains valuable information such as research, policy options, interactive graphics and resources regarding a variety of preschool–3rd grade topics including literacy, numeracy, STEM and program quality. 


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Early Learning Under ESSA

Under ESSA, states have new policy options to close gaps in early reading and math skills that persist among low-income and minority students. Policy options are designed to prevent achievement gaps, which can lead to serious socioeconomic consequences in the states. 


Building a Strong Early Learning Workforce

The quality of early education teachers has been shown to be a key driver in overall classroom quality and outcomes for prekindergarten children. Through this project, NCSL will grow legislators' understanding of challenges in the early education workforce and policy options to support early learning teachers.  


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English Language Learners

English language learners are an increasingly important group of students. Their growing numbers combined with generally low achievement patterns present numerous challenges yet opportunities for reform. By understanding relevant research, practices and policy options, policymakers can become keenly aware of how to improve academic outcomes for these students.