Early Learning Systems: International Trends and Good Practices

Madeleine Webster 5/24/2018
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Early Learning Systems: International Trends and Good Practices

In this webinar, experts from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development will join us from their headquarters in Paris, to dive into the current knowledge base on international trends and good practices in establishing quality early learning systems. We will learn about the common elements of highly developed early education systems, how early education is financed in highly developed systems, and other important facts about early learning around the world.

In 2016, NCSL’s groundbreaking report “No Time to Lose:  How to Build a World Class Education System State-by-State” found that top performing countries have a set of four elements in common, including:

  • Children come to school ready to learn and extra support is given to struggling students.
  • A world-class teaching profession that provides highly effective teachers to all students.
  • A highly effective and intellectually rigorous system of career-technical education (CTE).
  • Individual reforms that are connected and aligned as parts of a clearly planned and carefully designed comprehensive systems.

This webinar is the first in a two-part series diving into element No. 1: Early Learning.

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  • Rowena Phair, senior analyst, OECD
  • Milos Kankaras, analyst, OECD
  • Elizabeth Shuey, analyst, OECD
  • Arno Engel, analyst, OECD