September 2009

Chart of Expanded Learning Opportunites in State Education Codes

As cities and states face budget gaps, funding cuts to summer learning programs, after-school programs and other expanded learning opportunities have become more prevalent. One way policymakers could sustain or increase expanded learning opportunities (ELOs) is through programs established in state education codes. 

This chart represents a National Conference of State Legislatures survey of programs that mention after-school, summer learning, expanded learning opportunities and/or expanded learning time. Although 49 states mention expanded learning opportunities in education code (some multiple times), it is important to note that funding stability for programs mentioned in school code is variable. For example, even though some expanded learning opportunities are pare of state education formulas, they might not be currently funded. Conversely, some programs outside the education code (e.g., programs funded through appropriations bills) may have received consistent funding in prior years and continue to receive funding. A check of the state budget can help to determine funding stability. More (29-page PDF).