State Bullying Legislation Since 2008


Reducing the occurrence of bullying in schools has been a priority for state legislatures in recent years. Since 2006, 49 states have enacted legislation aimed at preventing bullying and protecting students. Each state has addressed the issue of bullying in schools differently, with legislation addressing topics such as cyberbullying, bullying that occurs off school premises, and mental and behavioral health in schools. Below is a list of enacted legislation from 2008 to present that addresses bullying in schools, including links to full bill texts.

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Bill Summary
State Bill Summary
  • HB 216: (2009) Establishes the Student Harassment Prevention Act and requires the State Department of Education to develop a model  harassment and bullying policy.
  • SB 334:(2009) Requires the development of intervention methods for public school systems that have low graduation rates, including for students who are at risk due to harassment and bullying.
  • HB 482: (2006) Requires all schools to adopt a policy that prohibits the harassment, intimidation, or bullying of any student.
  • HB 2415: (2011) Creates procedures to report incidents and disciplinary procedures for employees who fail to report incidents. Also prohibits electronic bullying.
  • SB 1266: (2010) Provides that it is unlawful for juveniles to transmit explicit sexual material through electronic communication devices.
  • HB 2011 c: (2009) Prohibits bullying on school grounds and creates procedures for reporting incidents of bullying and harassment.
  • SB 892: (2011) Prohibits bullying of students and faculty and requires school principals to investigate complaints and reports of bullying or harassment.
  • HB 1072: (2007) Includes cyberbullying in school district harassment prevention policies.
  • AB 9: (2011/2012) Requires educational agencies to adopt a policy prohibiting discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and bullying. Also requires school personnel who witness bullying to immediately intervene.
  • AB 86: (2011/2012) Defines bullying and encourages schools to be trained in and create policies aimed at prevention. Also allows students who have been victims of bullying to attend a school outside out their residential district.
  • AB 1156: (2008) Defines bullying and provides grounds for school officials to suspend a pupil or recommend a pupil for expulsion for bullying, including cyberbullying.
  • AB 1732: (2012) Amends existing law that authorizes pupil suspension or expulsion recommendation for specified acts including bullying and defines bullying to include certain postings on a social network websites.


  • HB 1345: (2012) Prohibits bullying on school buses and at school bus stops.
  • HB 1254: (2011) Provides for a school bullying prevention and education grant program.
  • HB 1232: (2010) Changes the definition of bullying.
  • SB 1138: (2011) Expands school bullying laws to prohibit cyberbullying, bullying through phones, and bullying that occurs outside of school settings.
  • SB 1141: (2009) Includes a provision to collect bullying information from schools and prompts recommendations for bullying prevention.
  • HB 5826: (2008) Requires a policy to address bullying in schools, and requires each school to notify and meet with parents and guardians of bullying students. Also requires reporting to the Department of Education.
  • SB 193: (2012) Provides for the development of a statewide, research-based cyberbullying policy to be adopted by local school districts and charter schools.
  • HB 268: (2012) Requires that all reported incidents of bullying be reported to the Department of Education. Also requires the Department of Education to conduct random audits to ensure compliance with bullying reporting requirements.
  • HB 669 (2008) Defines and prohibits bullying and harassment, including during education programs or activities, on school buses, or through school computer systems.
  • SB 250: (2010) Prohibits bullying at public schools and at bus stops. Also prohibits cyberbullying. Provides that a student found bullying can be reassigned to another school to protect the victim of the bullying.
  • HB 688: (2011/2012) Requires the Board of Education to monitor the Department of Education for compliance with rules or statutes governing bullying, cyberbullying, and harassment.
  • HB 636: (2010) Prohibits cyberbullying through school internet usage.
  • HB 192: (2012) Amends the Stalking No Contact Order Act, the Civil No Contact Order Act, and the Domestic Violence Act.
  • SB 2023: (2008) Includes provisions for bullying prevention education.
  • SB 3266: (2010) Redefines bullying and prohibits bullying at schools and school property, school buses, school bus stops, school sponsored activities and events, and cyberbullying.
  • HB 3281: (2011/2012) Allows for suspension or expulsion of students for cyberbullying.
  • HB 1083: (2011) Provides that a school may offer classes regarding risks of sharing sexually explicit materials and must prohibit bullying through computers.
  • SF 61: (2007) Requires school districts to adopt a policy prohibiting harassment and bullying in schools, on school property, and at any school function.
  • SB 41: (2009) Encourages increasing attention to the prevention of bullying or harassment of students with disabilities.
  • HB 2758: (2008) Defines cyberbullying as it relates to the duties and policies for school district operations.
  • HB 91: (2008) Requires school districts to have procedures for reporting and assisting students engaging in disruptive and disorderly behavior, including assault, harassment, intimidation, or bullying of another student. Also requires a strategy for protecting from retaliation.
  • HB 236: (2012) Provides for internet and cell phone safety instruction in public schools, including prevention of cyberbullying.
  • HB 488: (2010) Relates to bullying education for local school boards.
  • SB 568: (2010) Relates to bullying education for local school boards.
  • HB 688: (2009) Creates the crime of unlawful disruption of the operation of a school, including the intimidation or harassment of any student or teacher by threat of force or force.
  • SB 764: (2012) Prohibits bullying at schools, school buses,  or school sponsored events, Also provides for teacher training, bullying reporting, investigation procedures and parental notification.
  • HB 1256: (2008) Requires training and instruction annually in school law for public school board members, including training on bullying.
  • HB 1259: (2010) Creates the crime of cyberbullying.
  • HB 1458: (2012)Requires schools to change student codes of conduct to include cyberbullying.
  • HB 928: (2012) Requires a school board to ensure that its policies and procedures are consistent with the model policy development or revised by the Department of Education.
  • HB 38: (2011) Requires nonpublic schools participating in State-funded education programs to adopt a policy prohibiting bullying, harassment, and intimidation.
  • HB 199: (2008) Requires the State Board of Education to develop a certain model policy prohibiting bullying, harassment and intimidation in schools, including cyberbullying.
  • SB 489: (2011) Requires the State Board of Education to develop a certain model policy prohibiting bullying, harassment and intimidation in schools, including cyberbullying.
  • HB 1158: (2008) Authorizes a school staff member to report an incident of harassment or intimidation against a student.
  • HB 1209: (2008) Repeals the termination date for a provision of law that requires the State Department of Education to require a county board of education to report incidents of harassment or intimidation against specified students.
  • SB 2404: (2010) Prohibits bullying on school grounds or at a school-sponsored or related activity, a school bus, or through the use of an electronic device. Also requires schools to develop an anti-bullying plan and  anti-discrimination or harassment policies.
  • HB 4459: (2010) Requires instruction on bullying prevention.
  • HB 4163: (2012) Requires policy prohibiting harassment and bullying at school.
  • HB 392: (2012) Prohibits bullying and harassment on school buses.
  • SB 2015: (2010) Prohibits bullying or harassing behavior in the schools and requires all school districts to adopt corresponding policy.
  • SB 818: (2008) Requires school boards to have a policy requiring school administrators to report crimes of harassment and stalking committed on school property to law enforcement.
  • HB 1543: (2010) Makes changes concerning reporting of acts of school violence to teachers by school administrators and cyberbullying.
  • Model Policy: Montana does not have any legislation relating to bullying; however, the Board of Public Education and Office of Public Instruction have a model policy for school districts in place regarding bullying.

LB 205: (2008) Requires schools to adopt a bullying policy.

  • AB 138: (2011) The State Board of Education must include in its annual report on accountability the number of incidents resulting in suspension or expulsion for bullying, cyber-bullying, harassment or intimidation.
  • SB 163: (2009) Prohibits bullying and cyber-bullying and requires corresponding policy.
  • SB 276: (2011) Requires school district employee training on prevention of bullying, cyber-bullying, harassment and intimidation. Also creates the Bullying Prevention Fund, and requires the establishment of school safety teams.
  • SB 277: (2011) Clarifies the defining of cyber-bullying for the purposes of provisions relating to education.
New Hampshire
  • HB 1523: (2010) Revises the statute on pupil safety and violence prevention to include harassment, intimidation, bullying, and cyberbullying.
New Jersey
  • AB 2709: (2012) Discusses financing options for school district bullying prevention programs and anti-bullying training programs. Establishes an anti-bullying task force to draft model program regulations.
  • AB 3466: (2011) Creates the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act which addresses prevention, education, and reporting.
New Mexico
  • SB 78: (2011) Requires the Public Education Department to establish guidelines for school districts to develop bullying prevention policies and programs.
New York
  • AB 3661: (2010) Enacts the Dignity For All Students Act which prohibits harassment or discrimination.
  • SB 7051: (2008) Requires the commissioner of education to develop resources and technical assistance for schools and students concerning the safe and responsible use of the internet, including cyberbullying.
  • SB 7740: (2011) Amends the Education Law; prohibits bullying and cyberbullying in public schools; provides for policies and procedures that local boards of education must develop and employee training about bullying; provides that the commissioner of education shall provide guidance and educational materials to school districts and prescribe regulations concerning teacher training.
New Mexico
  • SB 526: (2009) Enacts the School Violence Prevention Act which defines bullying to include cyberbullying and bullying that occurs on school grounds, on school buses, and at school sponsored events.
  • SB 707: (2012) Revises the school violence prevention act to include provisions on employee liability, cyberbullying, and disciplinary action.
  • HB 1261: (2009) Makes cyberbullying a criminal offense that is punishable as a misdemeanor.
North Dakota
  • HB 1465: (2011) Relates to prevention of bullying in public and nonpublic schools, includes bullying on school district premises, school buses or school vehicle, or at any school sponsored activities and events. Also prohibits retaliation to witness and reporters of bullying.
  • HB 116: (2012) Enacts the School Day Security and Anti-Bullying Act to require instruction on and parental notification of public schools' policies prohibiting harassment, intimidation, or bullying.
  • SB 1941: (2008) Includes harmful electronic communication in the definition of bullying. Also requires school district boards of education to investigate allegations of bullying and intimidation.
  • SB 767: (2009) Gives examples of school policies at a public charter school that offers online instruction, including policies involving online harassment, intimidation or bullying.
  • SB 1555: (2012) Requires school employees to report acts of harassment, intimidation or bullying and acts of cyberbullying.
  • HB 2599: (2009) Requires school districts to prohibit harassment, intimidation, bullying or cyberbullying. Bullying includes behavior at school-sponsored activities, school transportation and bus stops.


  • HB 1067: (2008) Comprehensive legislation that addresses bullying and harassment, including policy recommendations, disciplinary methods, cyberbullying, and intervention methods.
Rhode Island
  • SB 732: (2011/2012) Creates the Safe School Act regarding school bullying and cyber-bullying and prescribes by regulation a statewide bullying policy.
  • SB 2012: (2008) Expands the definition of student discipline codes relating to harassment or bullying to include electronic communications.
  • SB 2021: (2008) Prohibits cyber harassing and cyber stalking.
  • HB 5941: (2011, 2012) Creates the Safe School Act which addresses bullying and cyberbullying and provides that the department of education create by regulation a statewide bullying policy.
  • HB 7213: (2008) Expands the definition of harassment, intimidation or bullying within the student discipline codes to include harassment, intimidation or bullying through electronic communications.
South Carolina
  • HB 4758: (2008) Provides that any high school student who is the victim of physical abuse, harassment, or stalking by a classmate during school hours may transfer to a high school outside their residential district.
South Dakota
  • SB 130: (2012) Requires the school board of each school district to adopt a policy prohibiting bullying. Also provides that school district employees who report bullying will be immune from action for damages from failure to remedy the reported incident.
  • SB 283: (2009) Requires school districts to adopt policies prohibiting harassment, intimidation or bullying.
  • HB 301: (2011, 2012) Relates to education defines cyber-bullying and requires schools to implement policies against cyber-bullying.
  • HB 2641: (2012) Requires a school district at the beginning of each school year to provide teachers and school counselors a copy of the anti bullying policy and information on implementation, bullying prevention and strategies as well as training.
  • HB 1105: (2012) Requires a local education agency to send a copy of its policy prohibiting harassment, intimidation or bullying to the commissioner of education whenever the policy is revised.
  • SB 407: (2011) Creates the offense of electronic transmission of certain visual material depicting a minor.
  • HB 1386: (2011) Relates to the public health threat presented by youth suicide and recommends early mental health intervention and suicide prevention programs to each school district.
  • HB 1942: (2011) Defines bullying in include cyberbullying, bullying at school sponsored events and activities, and school vehicles. Also prohibits the imposition of a disciplinary measure on a student who is found to be a victim of bullying.
  • SB 91: (2009) Prohibits offenses of electronic communication harassment for adults and minors.
  • SB 304: (2011) Prevents cyber-bullying, harassment, hazing, retaliation, and making false claim regarding the aforementioned conduct in public schools and requires the implementation of anti-bullying and hazing policies.
  • HB 325: (2008) Prohibits  bullying or hazing, retaliation for reporting, or assisting in the investigation of, bullying or hazing, and making a false report of bullying or hazing. Also requires implementation of anti-bullying policies.
  • SB 100: (2011/2012) Adds cyberbullying to the state bullying definition, including cyberbullying that occurs outside of school property and school-sponsored activities.
  • SB 113: (2012) Adds a secondary student to the Harassment, Hazing, and Bullying Advisory Council.
  • SB 357: (2008) This bill creates a committee to study the issue of harassment and bullying in Vermont schools.
  • HB 412: (2012) Includes electronic actions into definition of bullying and permits students to be disciplined for certain actions committed outside of school hours. Also creates a position to direct harassment and bullying prevention and response training initiatives.
  • HB 771: (2012) Makes technical corrections to the state law regarding bullying, harassment and hazing.
  • SB 271: (2012) Requires the Virginia Center for School Safety to provide training on anti bullying tactics to public school personnel and to include in its audits a survey regarding bullying, gang activity, and acts of violence.
  • HB 504: (2012) Identical to SB 271.
  • HB 1624: (2009) Provides for the inclusion of electronic bullying, harassment, and intimidation in the State Board of Education model policies.
  • HB 1163: (2011/2012)  Requires the creation of a work group on school bullying and harassment prevention, the compilation and analyzing of policies regarding harassment, intimidation, and bullying prevention, and the creation of  pilot projects to assist school in youth suicide prevention activities.
  • HB 2801: (2010) Requires each school district to adopt a revised model policy and procedure that prohibits harassment, intimidation and bullying.
West Virginia
  • HB 3225: (2011) Expands the definition of harassment, intimidation or bullying and requires county board and State Department of Education to adopt corresponding policies.
  • HB 4368: (2008) Creates a Bill of Rights and Responsibilities for Students and School Personnel. Also creates local school improvement councils to examine school discipline and policies.
  • HB 223: (2009) Provides that harassment, intimidation or bullying is prohibited, and requires school districts to adopt related prevention policies.

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