August 2008

Expanded Learning Time: 2008 Legislative Update










 Alabama  Funding: General  S51a - Sanders (D)

Provides $28.8M in funding for programs dealing with at-risk students, including after-school tutoring, summer schools, and weekend schools, and further allocates $1M to the Department of Education's 21st Century After-School and Extended Day Programs.

 Alaska  Funding: Earmarks  221

Earmarks $66,300 for a new grant to the Anchorage Alumni Foundation to start after-school programs providing educational supervision to youth that would not otherwise receive these services, including during the summer months.

 California Programs and Funding: General

Licensing, Regulations, Quality


Licensing, Regulations, Quality


Programs and Licensing, Regulations, Quality


Programs and Funding: General



Programs and Licensing, Regulations, Quality


Programs and Licensing, Regulations, Quality


Commissions, Advisory Boards


Delays the encumbrance of funds appropriated for the After School Education and Safety Program.

S43 - Torlakson (D)
This bill would expand the definition of "school paraprofessional," to include other employees who meet the minimum standards of the paraprofessional job classification and who are employed in an after school program by a city, county, or nonprofit organization that receives funds from certain state grant programs. In SENATE.

A2395 - Walters (R)
Authorizes supplemental instruction to be provided during the regular schoolday, rather than exclusively outside of normal school hours. In ASSEMBLY Committee on Education.

S1671 - Hollingsworth (R)
This bill would authorize before and after school programs to use grant moneys offered for purposes of career and technical programs in partnership with off-campus nonprofit organizations. In SENATE Committee on Education.

S1492 - McClintock (R)
This bill would repeal the continuous appropriation of funds for the After School Education and Safety Program Act of 2002.  Failed Committee passage, granted reconsideration. In SENATE Committee on Education.

S1674 - Torlakson (D)
Authorizes before- or after-school program to operate during weekends. Establishes the California After School Teacher Pipeline Program to recruit after school instructors to participate in the School Paraprofessional Teacher Training Program. Second Reading 8/11/08.

A2843 - Karnette (D)
Authorizes a state-funded after-school program to include visual and performing arts, instead of fine arts. Includes foreign languages as well. Vetoed because after-school programs already have this authority.

ACR134 - DeSaulnier (D)
Establish the Legislative Task Force on Summer and Intersession Enrichment. Requires the task force to study ways to provide summer enrichment and wellness programs to low-income children. Amended, re-referred to Senate Rules Committee.

Colorado Programs







H1204 - Peniston (D)

Extends the Dropout Prevention Activity grant program, which funds before- and after-school arts-based and vocational activity programs, to facility schools, for use with students in grades 6-12.

H1283 - Buescher (D)
Allocates $1M in funding for the Summer School Grant Program and $500,000 for the Facility Summer School Grant Program.

H1375 - Buescher (D)
Provides $300,000 in level funding for the Colorado Student Before-and-After-School Project, grants from which cannot be used for programs primarily designed to increase academic achievement.

H1388 - Pommer (D)
Allocates $300,000 to a STEM after-school education pilot grant program. Decreases the funding to the facility summer school program by $4.8M.

Delaware Funding: General S300 - Cook (D)

Allocates $200,000 for Innovative After-School Initiatives. Requires that the DOE offer competitive grants to pilot programs focused on the following: tutoring for students at-risk of failing, enrichment programs incorporating both traditional and non-traditional approaches; and outreach to parents.

Florida Licensing, Regulations, Quality

Licensing, Regulations, Quality and Funding: General

H879 - Kelly (R), Porth (D)

Mandates that each school district that is eligible establish a voluntary summer prekindergarten for students the summer before they may begin kindergarten.

S1414 - Diaz (R)
Mandates that schools make parents aware of supplemental educational services for their students, and provides a mechanism for evaluating and publicizing the performance of various services. Restricts charges by specified school districts for facility rental fees paid by a state-approved supplemental educational services provider.

Georgia Funding: Earmarks

Funding: General and Earmarks

H989 - Richardson (R)

Allocates $25,000 for after-school tutoring programs in locations around the state.

H990 - Richardson (R)
Allocates $14M from TANF and requires $28M of matching funds from for after-school care. Further allocates $68,000 for after-school and summer education programs in various locations around the state. Provides $20.3M of the previous year's unspent TANF fund for "Child Care Services."

Hawaii Programs and Funding: General

Funding:General and Earmarks

H2369 - Takumi (D)

Limits funding for the preexisting After-School Plus Program to participant fees and the interest garnered from investments thereof.

H2500 - Say (D)
Provides $1,539,572 in earmarks for various after-school programs around the state, funded by TANF. Further appropriates $3.2M for the Uniting Peer Learning Integrating New Knowledge (UPLINK) after-school program and discretionary after-school funds.

Illinois Funding:

General and Earmarks

Programs and Funding:




Commissions, Advisory Boards

Funding: Earmarks

H5701 - Hannig (D)

Allocates $19,114,800 for Grants for After School Youth Support Programs and $11M for summer school payments. Earmarks $15,000 from the Park District Youth Program Fund to provide grants for the Illinois Association of Park Districts: After School Programming. Provides $500,000 for After School Matters.

S2288 - Meeks (I)
Establishes the School Improvement Partnership Pool Fund and allocates $750M to it by 2013. Starting FY 2010, moneys in the Fund shall be used, subject to appropriation, to provide school districts with demonstrated academic and financial need quality, integrated support systems, such as extended learning time and after school and summer school programs. In SENATE Committee on Rules.

SR727 - Hunter (D)
Resolves that the State Superintendent of Education shall appoint a task force on community partnerships to recommend strategic steps to establish effective community partnerships with local schools, including developing safe after-school programs. In SENATE Committee on Rules.

H3860 - Madigan (D)
Earmarks $3,121,000 for after-school education in locations around the state, in denominations ranging from $10,000 to $100,000. In HOUSE Committee on Rules.

Indiana Licensing, Regulations, Quality H1165 - Avery (D)

Mandates that schools provide tutoring for students who are homeless or in foster care and have a demonstrated need.

Iowa Programs and Funding:


Funding: General


Specifies that the grants provided by the before- and after-school grant program must be between thirty and fifty thousand dollars. Renews the grant program by allocating $595,000. Requires reporting data about students served by the program to the General Assembly.

Allocates $505,000 from the Tobacco Trust to renew the competitive grant program for before- and after-school programs.

Kansas Programs and Funding: General S534

Requires that $400,000 of the $905,000 provided for discretionary grants from the Department of Education be spent on grants to middle school after-school programs, which must be matched by private money. The other $505,000 may also be used for after-school programs.

Kentucky Funding: General





H406 - Moberly (D)
Provides $13,228,700 for the Extended School Services Program, which offers low performing students expanded time in the classroom, often before or after-school or during the summer. Allocates $100,000 for a specialized tutoring program for students with learning disabilities.

S2 - Winters (R)
Creates the Middle School Mathematics and Science Scholars Programs. The program's funds can be used to support activities during the school day, after-school, on Saturday, or multiweek summer sessions.

Louisiana Programs H1347 - Badon, A (D)

Establishes the Student Scholarships for Educational Excellence Program which grants scholarships to specific students for pursuing their education in private schools, and provides that scholarship funds may be used for before- or after-school care.

Maine Commissions, Advisory Boards H61 - Barstow (D)

Directs the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Education, within existing resources, to gather information pertaining to ways to establish and fund after-school programs, including consultation with the Maine After-school Network.

Maryland Licensing, Regulations, Quality S742 - Zirkin (D)

Requires that residential childcare providers give educational support such as homework assistance and summer enrichment opportunities.

Massachusetts Funding: General and Earmarks H4900

The After School and Out-of-School Time (ASOST) grant was funded at $5.55M, an increase of $3.55M over the previous year. Another $880,000 was provided for specific earmarks. The bill also provides for $17M in federal grant funds for After School Learning Centers, and $17.5M in state funds for grants to provide longer school days or years at 26 schools serving 13,000 students. Funds may be used to support core academics and enrichment for students, and professional development for teachers.

Michigan Funding: General





Funding: General and Earmarks






Programs and Funding: Earmarks




Programs and Funding: Earmarks

S1107 - Jelinek (R)

Allocates $35,710,100 of 21st Century CLC funds for the purpose of providing high-quality extended learning opportunities, after school and during the summer, for children in low-performing schools. Permits $50,000 to be used to support the Michigan After-School Partnership. Provides $725,000 for pilot grants to mathematics and science centers to develop and implement programs for after-school and summer mathematics for eighth grade students.

H5814 - Spade (D)
Allocates $5M in TANF funds for a statewide before- or after-school program to provide youth with a safe, engaging environment to motivate and inspire learning. Before- or after-school program eligibility is limited to geographic areas near school buildings that do not meet federal NCLB annual yearly progress (AYP) requirements and that include the before- or after-school programs in the AYP plans as a means to improve outcomes. Earmarks $126,500 in TANF funds for Grand Rapids youth commonwealth to support after-school and summer programs, and $25,000 for the Michigan After-School Partnership.

H5804 - Vagnozzi  (D)
Extends the duration of the Michigan After-School Partnership, and specifies that $25,000 may be used to support the partnership. Funds shall be used to leverage other private and public funding to engage the public and private sectors in building and sustaining high-quality out-of-school-time programs and resources.

H5809 - Hammel (D)
Extends the duration of the Michigan After-School Partnership, and specifies that $25,000 may be used to support the partnership.

Minnesota Funding: General and Earmarks H1812 - Carlson (DFL)

Earmarks $1,325,000 for grants to fund summer youth employment in Minneapolis, including $325,000 for the preexisting learn-to-earn program. Further allocates $600,000 for grants to fund summer youth employment in St. Paul.

Mississippi Funding: Earmarks


Licensing, Regulations, Quality

H1700 - Flaggs (D)

Allocates $25,000 for summer youth enrichment activities, including academics.

S2451 - Bryan (D)
Mandates that extended day school programs must meet the requirements applied to childcare providers.

Montana   No Regular 2008 Session
New Hampshire Funding: General S539 - Estabrook (D)

Provides fiscal disparity aid for low income districts, and offers extended learning time as an application of that aid.

New Jersey Funding: General



Licensing, Regulations, Quality

A2800 - Greenwald (D)

Provides $14.5M for New Jersey After 3, a $500,000 reduction from the previous year. Further provides $400,000 for the After School Reading Initiative and $200,000 for the After School Start-Up Fund from the School Linked Services Program.

S110 - Weinberg (D)
Requires that individuals working for extended-day or year programs undergo criminal background checks. In SENATE.

New Mexico Funding: General and Earmarks


Funding: Earmarks

Funding: Earmarks

Funding: Earmarks

H2 - Saveedra (D)

Allocates $3.3M for after-school enrichment, of which $1.8M is specifically for twenty-first century community learning centers statewide. Further allocates $72,000 for a high school science summer program.

S165 - Smith (D)
Provides $269,000 in earmarks for after-school programs and summer educational enrichment opportunities.

S352 - Cisneros (D)
Redirects $100,000 of previously-allocated funding to a children's dance program providing in-school, after-school and weekend activities.

S471 - Cisneros (D)
Earmarks $547,000 for building two dance centers for use by an organization providing after-school, in-school and weekend programs.

New York Funding: General and Earmarks




Funding: Earmarks

Funding: Earmarks


Allocates $9.8M for competitive grants for after-school programs for the 2008-09 school year. Provides $29,596,000 from the general fund for services and expenses of a 2008-09 school year program for extended day and school violence prevention programs. Allocates $27,195,000 from the general fund for the after school advantage program. Earmarks $176,000 for various organizations around the state.

Earmarks $4,500 for an after-school program.

Earmarks $15,000 for an after-school program.

North Carolina Funding: General H2437 - Michaux (D)

Provides $2,549,642 of TANF funds for grants to community organizations offering after-school services to at-risk youth. Further allocates $600,000 from TANF to implement Citizens Schools Programs in two counties.

Oklahoma Funding: Earmarks


Funding: General

S1199 - Johnson (R)

Earmarks $447,076 for a Summer Arts Institute.

S1612 - Justice (R)
Creates an initiative to award grants to new and established after-school programs with evidence-based obesity reduction components. Requires collaboration between several departments and the statewide after-school network.

S1769 - Paddack (D)
Sets a base amount to be paid to school districts with students in summer remedial reading classes.

Pennsylvania Commissions, Advisory Boards

Funding: Earmarks

HR824 - Wheatley (D)

Directs the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee to prepare a report on the availability of after-school programming and the after-school needs of children and youth in Pennsylvania.

H1589 - Evans, D (D)
Allocates $500,000 for building a new facility for preschool and after-school programs at the Early Education Center.

Rhode Island Commissions, Advisory Boards H8158  - Sullivan (D)

Extends the mandate for the previously created special legislative commission to make recommendations on how to improve transportation of children and youth to and from after-school and childcare programs in a cost-effective manner until April 5th, 2009.

South Carolina Funding: General

Licensing, Regulations, Quality


The Department of Education, working with and through the South Carolina After-school Alliance, will provide $250,000 to produce a model of voluntary quality standards for out-of-school time programs, develop a directory of technical assistance, and identify gaps of service.

H4662 - Walker (R)
Changes regulations so that a student's score on an end of year assessment may not be the sole criterion for placing the student on academic probation, retaining the student in his current grade, or requiring the student to attend summer school.

Tennessee Licensing, Regulations, Quality


Licensing, Regulations, Quality

H2974 - Winningham (D)

Requires the CEO of the Lottery Corporation to provide every quarter a full and complete statement of the unclaimed prize money for deposit in the after-school programs special account in the preceding quarter.

S2809 - Woodson (R)
Creates the lottery for education after school programs grant fund administered by the Department of Education for deposit of excess lottery funds for after school programs and technical assistance. Essentially renames an existing program.

S2554 - Tate (D)
Provides that local education agencies may adopt rules to prohibit criminal gangs on school property, including during the conduct of after-school activities.

Utah Funding: General

Funding: General

H1 - Last (R)

Provides $1,126,300 for summer career and technical education agriculture programs, an increase over the $1,114,000 provided the previous year.

S2 - Stephenson (R)
Supercedes H1, changing the funding amount for summer career and technical education agriculture programs to $1,154,458. Provides competitive grants to launch the Utah Science Technology and Research Initiative (USTAR) Centers Program, which will provide STEM education during the summer.

Virginia Funding: General

and Licensing, Regulations, Quality


H29 - Putney (I)

Funds the state share of remedial summer school to $24,656,939, a decrease from the $25,172,218 previously budgeted, but an increase over the previous year. Permits the collection of tuition for summer high school credit courses, but not for remedial courses, and mandates that consideration be given to students from households with extenuating financial circumstances who are repeating a class in order to graduate.

S44 - Miller (D)
Permits a local school board to establish after-school programs designed to prevent at-risk youth from engaging in illegal or gang-related activities.

Washington Funding: General

Commissions, Advisory Boards


H2687 - Sommers (D)

Appropriates $15,065,000 from the general fund for implementation of S6673 (below).

S6377 - Hobbs (D)
Establishes a task force to examine opportunities for funding career and technical education, including extended school day and school year options.

S6673 - McAuliffe (D)
Creates an extended learning opportunities program for students in 11th and 12th grade who are not on track to graduate, and for 8th graders not on track to meet state standards. The program includes provisions for extended learning time opportunities occurring before or after the regular school day, on Saturday, and beyond the regular school year.

Wyoming Funding: General

Funding: General


Continues funding for previously authorized summer school and vocational education grant programs.

Allocates $2M for programs providing before- school, after-school and Saturday school supplemental extended day instruction utilizing enriched learning methodologies or other remedial methods. The grants are for use only in intervention and remediation, and last until 2010.

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