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2021 Election Enactments

All 50 states have introduced election-related bills so far in 2021. This webpage tracks significant elections-related enactments.


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FY 2022 State Budget Status

NCSL tracks states' enactment of their FY 2022 budgets. As of March 30, 4 states have enacted a budget for FY 2022. Virginia and Wyoming enacted enacted a biennial budget during the 2020 legislative session.

Save The Date 2021


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Ensuring Healthy Pregnancies Through Prenatal Care

This brief provides an overview of factors influencing prenatal care access and utilization, recommended models of care, and state-level solutions and policy options.


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The Canvass

The April 2021 issue considers election cybersecurity, addresses how states can bolster their defenses and reviews relevant legislation from 2020 and 2021. This month's newsletter also features an interview with New Hampshire Representative Barbara Griffin (R), a legislative action bulletin and other things worth noting.



Cybersecurity Legislation 2021

Cybersecurity continues as a priority for state legislatures in 2021. This page tracks significant legislation from all 50 states in 2021 related to cybersecurity, data security, information security, cyber crimes, and more.


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Energy Emergencies | Tribal-State Coordination

This report provides examples of state and tribal protocols that serve as potential models for coordination across jurisdictions prior to, during and after disasters occur.