Offender Reentry and Collateral


NCSL's 2010 Fall Forum: Dec. 9, 2010


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Assemblymember William C. Horne, Nevada; Chair, Law and Criminal Justice Committee

Maurice Emsellem, Policy Co-Director of the National Employment Law Center in San Francisco, discussed state policies affecting offender employment and reentry.  (Full audio is provided of his presentation and PowerPoint.)


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Nancy Hammer
, Manager for Regulatory and Judicial Affairs, with the Society for Human Resources Management, in Virginia, which is a sponsor with the NCSL Foundation for State Legislatures, provided a business perspective on criminal records and employment and hiring.  (Full audio is provided of her presentation.)

Representative Michael A. Costello of Massachusetts, a Vice Chair of the Law and Criminal Justice Committee, described recent legislation in his state that addresses offender records and reentry.  (See video clip.)

Senator Linda Gray of Arizona, Chair of the Senate’s Public Safety and Human Services Committee, described recent legislation and programming.  (See video clip.)

Karen Hellman, Counseling and Treatment Services Administrator for the Arizona Department of Corrections, provided information on implementation and operation of transition programs in the Arizona DOC, including Second Chance Act funded programming.  (See video clip.)

Lesley Buchan, Outreach Coordinator, Bureau of Justice Assistance, Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice, Washington, D.C. discussed state and local funding opportunities and programming under the Second Chance Act.  (PowerPoint Presentation)

The Public Welfare Foundation in Washington, D.C., contributed to this NCSL program. The Bureau of Justice Assistance, Office of Justice Programs, in the U.S. Department of Justice, also contributed.


On Dec. 9, 2010, at NCSL’s Fall Forum in Phoenix, the Law and Criminal Justice and Labor and Economic Development Committees discussed state and federal reentry initiatives that seek to interrupt the costly cycle of incarceration and crime. The program also explored criminal records and employment issues.  

This page provides audio from presentations discussing how states might balance interests in offender employment opportunity and business needs and objectives.

Audio recordings are of Maurice Emsellem and Nancy Hammer.


Summary remarks of other speakers on reentry issues are captured in the video clips below:

Karen Hellman, Arizona

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Representative Michael Costello, Massachusetts

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Senator Linda Gray, Arizona 

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