Alison Lawrence 1/1/2017
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In 2014, the Nebraska Legislature created the Justice Reinvestment Working Group to study and identify innovative  solutions to reduce correctional spending and reinvest savings in strategies that decrease recidivism and increase public safety. The Legislature adopted policy reforms in 2015 based off recommendations by the working group. The new law expands the use of probation in lieu of incarceration, ensures more offenders are supervised upon release from prison and bolsters parole supervision practices to reduce recidivism. A special legislative committee was created to oversee implementation. 

Related Legislation

LB 907 (2014) (Sec. 11)

LB 605 (2015)

LB 605A (2015)

LB 1094 (2016)

Summaries of legislation can be found in NCSL’s Sentencing and Corrections Enactment Database.


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