NCSL Pretrial Quarterly Newsletter


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  • Forty-two states enacted 122 new laws in 2015 addressing pretrial policies. Nearly half of all states addressed diversion and Arizona, Georgia, Indiana, South Carolina, Texas, Utah and Washington created or authorized new diversion programs. For more information on 2015 enactments see NCSL’s Pretrial Enactment Database and summary. For more information on diversion programs and treatment courts go to NCSL’s webpage here.
  • The Supreme Court of Nevada Judicial Council has formed a committee to study evidence-based pretrial release. Chief Justice James W. Hardesty, who chairs the committee, says, "For too long Nevada judges have had to make pretrial release judgments based on anecdotal information about the accused or payment of bail from schedules that vary from county to county and crime to crime." Check out news from the committee here or listen to recordings of their monthly meetings here.
  • Following pretrial reform in Colorado, local and national defense organizations collaborated to create “The Colorado Bail Book,” a defense practitioner’s guide to adult pretrial release. 

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