Justice Reinvestment | Vermont

Alison Lawrence 1/1/2017

Vermont flagFaced with a high and unsustainable rate of prison population growth, a Justice Reinvestment Working Group was launched in 2007. A 2008 act expanded screening and assessment of offenders for substance abuse and mental health needs and allows reduced probation terms for some compliant offenders. The law also includes community treatment services in reentry plans and allows electronic monitoring to improve supervision of and target resources on those offenders at highest risk. One facility was closed, and another was converted to a therapeutic work camp. The reforms were backed by a $3.9 million reinvestment in assessment, treatment and supervision services, including transitional housing. The General Assembly has since expanded eligibility for alternatives to incarceration, such as house arrest and furlough, and reinvested an additional $6 million in prison and community-based treatment and reentry services.

Related Legislation

HB 859 (2008) Creates levels of community supervision based on assessed risk and offense severity. Caps supervision officer caseloads based on supervision level. Authorizes the use of administrative supervision and allows for early termination for some probationers. Permits the use of electronic monitoring for community supervision. Requires substance abuse assessments be used for drug and property offenders to determine appropriate treatment services. Closes one prison and converts another into a secure treatment facility. Directs savings resulting from this act to be used for expansion of substance abuse treatment, pre-sentencing assessments, reentry housing and electronic monitoring equipment.

SB 292 (2010)

HB 792 (2010)

HB 530 (2013)

Summaries of legislation from 2010 or newer can be found in NCSL’s Sentencing and Corrections Enactment Database.


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