Alison Lawrence 1/1/2017

Oregon flagRecommendations by Oregon’s Commission on Public Safety for fiscally responsible and sustainable ways to hold offenders accountable and protect public safety were adopted by the Legislature in 2013. The legislation removes enhanced penalties for marijuana possession, permits judges to depart from presumptive sentences for certain repeat drug traffickers and reduces the presumptive prison sentences for certain robbery and identify theft crimes. Community supervision is improved by requiring development of best practices for specialty courts and some probationers can now earn time off their sentence. A justice reinvestment fund was established to provide grants to counties for offender assessments and operation of community-based sanctions. As of June 2015, projected prison population growth was eliminated and the state avoided the planned opening one prison and construction of a second. The Public Safety Task is overseeing implementation. 

Related Legislation

Exec. Order No. 12-08 (2012)

HB 3194 (2013)

SB 5507 (2015)

Summaries of legislation can be found in NCSL’s Sentencing and Corrections Enactment Database.


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