Justice Reinvestment | Idaho

Alison Lawrence 1/1/2017

Idaho State FlagIn 2013, the Idaho Legislature created the Criminal Justice Reinvestment Interim Committee to study and identify data-driven, fiscally responsible policies and practices that can increase public safety, reduce recidivism and reduce spending on corrections. An interbranch working group also was created to support the efforts. In early 2014, the Legislature adopted the Justice Reinvestment Act, based on recommendations from the interim committee and working group. Funding for the corrections department was increased to improve the quality of offender supervision and lower officer caseloads. An oversight committee was charged with monitoring and analyzing implementation of the law and studying the potential of future reinvestment and resource allocation.

Related Legislation

SCR 128 (2013) 

SB 1357 (2014) Justice Reinvestment Act

SB 1433 (2014)

SB 1393 (2014)

Summaries of legislation can be found in NCSL’s Sentencing and Corrections Enactment Database.


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