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  • Missed NCSL Base Camp? Here’s a review of the session on policing. Also, NCSL staff recently testified in Maryland on the topic of body cameras and in Oklahoma on recent legislative actions in other states.

In the News

  • Oklahoma Senate President Pro Tempore Greg Treat kicked off an interim study on policing, saying, “It is important to have difficult discussions within the Senate on these issues.” NCSL staff testified and shared a summary of recent legislative enactments from other states. Also, in Oklahoma, the population in at least one of the state’s jails is on a downward trend.
  • A Colorado county halts plans for a jail expansion as the population of the jail decreases following implementation of COVID-19 safety measures.
  • Californians will soon vote on Proposition 25, which would eliminate financial conditions of pretrial release from statute, making California the first state to adopt such broad prohibitions on money bail. The California Supreme Court also recently issued an order to judges requiring them to consider a defendant’s ability to pay before setting financial conditions of release.
  • Washington state lawmakers look into policing changes, but experts testified recently that key data to inform policy solutions is lacking.
  • A report from Texas examines the impact of recent changes to pretrial release in Harris County, which includes Houston and surrounding communities, finding that increased release of misdemeanor defendants without financial conditions of release did not lead to an increase in recidivism.

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