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  • The Ohio Supreme Court’s Task Force to Examine the Ohio Bail System released its Report and Recommendations. The report contains nine recommendations aimed at improving and ensuring an effective pretrial system—one that “respects the presumption of innocence” and “keeps the public safe.”
  • The California Legislature appropriated $75 million to fund pretrial pilot projects across the state with the goals of: (1) increasing safe and efficient release and supervision of pretrial detainees, (2) expanding use and validation of pretrial risk assessment tools, and (3) understanding and reducing biases in pretrial release decision-making. The Judicial Council recently selected 16 trial courts to participate in the pilot.
  • Last year the Washington Legislature appropriated $2 million in grant funds for mental health field response programs. In Spokane, the sheriff and police departments received funds to nearly double the size of the region’s “co-deploy” mental health teams. The co-deploy teams are staffed by a mental health clinician and an officer who help divert individuals having mental health crises away from jails and emergency departments.
  • In 2017, North Carolina’s General Assembly directed the state’s Office of Indigent Defense Services to contract with the National Center for State Courts to develop a workload formula for public defender offices. The resulting workload assessment released earlier this year found a significant need for more attorneys (+73%) and staff resources (+10% for administrative staff; +223% for investigators) in public defender offices.

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  • The Wisconsin Rapids Tribune released a three-part series on the state’s jail system. The series examines cash bail, public defender shortages, and use of jail holds for probation and parole supervision violations. To delve further into “Who’s in Jail,” a one-day snapshot provides a detailed account of the incarcerated population in Wisconsin’s most overcrowded jail.
  • The Ohio Professional Bail Association rallied in front of the Supreme Court building to protest recommendations made by a new report from the state Supreme Court. The association argues the recommendations amount to an unfunded mandate on counties and could lead to the release of individuals who are a risk to themselves or others.
  • Judges from four states discuss “Designing a Fairer Pretrial System” through use of research-based approaches, community collaboration and data-driven decisions. Representing five counties, these judges are part of an initiative that seeks to reduce wealth- and race-based discrimination in pretrial release decisions.
  • State legislatures across the nation continue to evaluate bail reform initiatives, including scrutinizing efforts that have stalled and further refining those that have passed. In this article, read about bail reform’s “long road of continuous push and pull between stakeholders.”
  • At the intersection of Medicaid and incarceration is New York state. Its Health Department requested approval to permit use of federal Medicaid funds for eligible, incarcerated individuals prior to their release. The state hopes to provide “continuity of coverage” for justice-involved individuals through a stable network of health care services and supports upon reentry.
  • The impact of court fines and fees is gaining nationwide attention and Governing recently looked at where fine revenues go and the extent to which local governments rely on this revenue in their budgets.
  • Watch! A deputy sheriff from Lucas County, Ohio’s Drug Abuse Response Team doesn’t care if it’s a person’s first or 100th call for help—he’ll be there.