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  • New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy’s (D) office has announced $8 million in funding for partnerships with county jails to provide medication-assisted treatment to people while they are in jail and after release.
  • The last of four planned regional crisis stabilization units (CSU) opened in Arkansas last month. The first two CSUs, opened in 2018, have already experienced more than 2,600 referrals and around 1,600 admissions. The enabling legislation, Senate Bill 136 (2017) was featured in NCSL’s recent mental health report. The now fully operational CSUs are expected to alleviate jail crowding and reduce recidivism and caseloads.
  • California Senator Scott Wiener (D) has been working to develop conservatorship procedures designed to help protect individuals incapable of caring for themselves due to serious mental illness and substance use disorders. The governor recently signed the second of two laws authored by Wiener. Senate Bill 1045 (2018) and Senate Bill 40 (2019) specifically target Los Angeles County, San Diego County and San Francisco.
  • A law passed in Texas earlier this year recently went into effect, authorizing law enforcement officers to issue citations in lieu of arrest certain in cases where the defendant has an intellectual or developmental disability.

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