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One Year After George Floyd’s Death, Work Continues on Policing Policy

PoliceIn the last year, all 50 states and the District of Columbia introduced policing legislation, largely focused on accountability and oversight. NCSL found that of the 3,000-plus bills introduced nationwide, nearly 250 were signed into law. Read More>>

Court Backlogs Continue

Staggering backlogs have resulted from pandemic-related delays and closures of courthouses nationwide. Local jurisdictions are moving trials to new venues to get the system moving again, using ballrooms, movie theaters, county fairgrounds, stadiums, legion halls and high school cafeterias as courtrooms. Learn more about state speedy trial deadlines that are impacted by these delays. Read More>>

NCSL Blog: NCSL Co-Hosts Hill Briefing on Policing

As Congress grapples with federal policing reform legislation, NCSL was joined by the National Governors Association and the National Criminal Justice Association for a briefing on policing issues in the states. Read More>>

Event: Briefing on COVID-19 and Criminal Justice

Join a virtual briefing with former U.S. Attorneys General Loretta Lynch and Alberto Gonzales on recommendations for a post-pandemic world from the National Commission on COVID-19 and Criminal Justice. Register>>

In the News

  • A recent study of 136 U.S. courts by the National Center of State Courts found that none met the national standard for timeliness in resolving cases.
  • Even once the pandemic is over, the Pennington County, South Dakota, criminal justice system will continue with the changes it made through its Safety and Justice Challenge work to prevent COVID-19.
  • Charleston County’s budget for the next fiscal year would eliminate funding for 40 unfilled jail deputy positions. The county’s work to decrease its jail population is cited as one of the reasons for this decision.
  • States raced to pass police reform bills in the last 12 months, and advocates pushed for broader approaches to use-of-force laws.

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