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State Policy 101: Policing Policy Trends Balancing Accountability and Safety

pillarsJoin NCSL staff for an educational session on the role that state legislatures play in creating the legal framework that guides the actions of law enforcement. Find policy 101 sessions on other important issues here including the latest on cases from the U.S. Supreme Court and more. Watch Now>>

Reducing Spending, Preserving Public Safety in Criminal Justice Budgets

Inspecting graph information with a magnifying glassThe four areas that make up the largest segments of state budgets are K-12 education, Medicaid, higher education and corrections. Strained state budgets have reignited the conversation on effective ways to ensure public safety while reducing spending. Learn more in NCSL’s new report. Read More>>

In the News

  • COVID-19 spurs 25% drop in inmates held in local jails according to a new report from the Bureau of Justice Statistics tracking jail populations between January and June of 2020.
  • In a unanimous decision the California Supreme Court requires courts to consider a defendant’s ability to pay before setting bail.
  • Justice Reinvestment in Action-Oregon invests $10 million locally to improve criminal justice behavioral health outcomes.
  • The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and Policy Research, Inc. recently announced a solicitation for applications for a behavioral health and criminal justice focused expansion of the Safety and Justice Challenge: the IMPACT Network. Access the request for proposals to learn more.
  • A new survey study proposes to answer the question of how risky a pretrial defendant must be to justify pretrial detention. Under current law, detention should be exceedingly uncommon. Learn more about the survey and a cost-benefit analysis of pretrial detention here.
  • Police accountability legislation continues to be a focus in many states. Search legislation here.

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