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  • NEW—Legislative Responses for Policing Database
    To help legislatures navigate this sensitive issue, NCSL recently launched a new state bill tracking database that provides up-to-date, real-time information on law enforcement legislation. Updated regularly, this comprehensive database includes policing topics such as oversight and data, training, standards and certification, use of force, technology, policing alternatives and collaboration, executive orders and other timely issues.
  • Justice Responses to COVID-19
    NCSL recently hosted a series of meetings on justice system responses to COVID-19. Watch the recorded meetings here and hear the latest on this issue in NCSL’s Living Room Town Hall.
  • From the NCSL Blog
    State legislatures move quickly to enact new policing reforms, Congress considers policing reforms and the U.S. Supreme Court declines to review qualified immunity cases.
  • NEW—Video Overview of Federal Case Law on Policing Issues
    Listen in to Lisa Soronen, executive director and chief counsel for the State and Local Legal Center, for a briefing on federal laws governing qualified immunity for law enforcement officers, the use of force and the duty to intervene, and indemnification issues.

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