First Appearance


State Legislatures Magazine

Lawmakers in Iowa enacted policing legislation unanimously over the course of just two days. Learn what they did and more about the process in Iowa.

New NCSL Resource

Updated information from NCSL on community policing legislation, behavioral health and crisis response training for officers, use of force policy and more. More on police-mental health collaborations here.

From the States

Twenty-eight states and Washington D.C. have introduced or filed 395 new bills related to policing. Legislation in 16 states and Washington D.C. has been enacted addressing a number of issues including oversight, data, use of force, duty to intervene, body cameras and training.

Supreme Court Round Up: Part 2

Join Lisa Soronen, executive director and chief counsel of the State and Local Legal Center and NCSL’s Supreme Court blogger, on Aug. 4 for an update on SCOTUS cases that will have the greatest impact on states.

NCSL Virtual Meeting Series: Policing

NCSL recently hosted three virtual meetings on policing issues. View the recordings to learn more about federal law including qualified immunity and the duty to intervene, federal legislation and state legislation including Colorado’s newly enacted SB 217.

The Cache

A round up of the latest research and publications on front-end criminal justice policy.