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New! Law Enforcement Statutory Database

Legislative interest in policing and police accountability is at an unprecedented high. Deaths and other confrontations involving law enforcement continue to drive national conversations about policy and promote review of current state and local laws. Review laws in all 50 states with the new database. View Database>>

The Statutory Framework of Pretrial Release

State law creates the legal framework for pretrial release practices, governing defendant’s eligibility for release and how they are released. Practices in local jurisdictions must meet these minimum standards. This new report provides a 50-state overview of current constitutional and statutory frameworks in the states. Read more>>

Just and Well: Rethinking How States Approach Competency to Stand Trial

The competency to stand trial process is designed to protect the rights of people who do not understand the charges against them and are unable to assist in their own defense. But across the country, this process has become increasingly overburdened and delayed. Read about 10 effective strategies state officials can pursue to improve the process. Read More>>

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  • In South Dakota, the Virtual Crisis Care Pilot program provides law enforcement with around the clock access to behavioral health professionals who can assist people’s experiences mental health crisis. The program is part of former state Supreme Court Chief Justice David Gilbertson’s plan to ensure that those working in the criminal justice system have access to the resources they need to help people with mental illness, regardless of where they live.
  • Legislation passed in Illinois could make the state the first to eliminate monetary bail if signed by the governor. The bill also includes a body camera mandate, a ban on neck restraints, guidelines for decertification of law enforcement officers and ends driver’s license suspension for failure to pay.
  • Pretrial reforms in four states and nine cities and counties were evaluated and data show no corresponding increase in crime rates.
  • New research summaries by Advancing Pretrial Policy and Research show what works and what doesn’t in pretrial supervision.
  • Michigan enacts more than three dozen bills impacting the criminal justice system. About 20 of those bills were a result of recommendations from the Michigan Joint Task Force on Jail and Pretrial Incarceration.
  • Pima County’s Criminal Justice Reform Unit, including Housing First, the Jail Population Review Committee, U-MATTER and others are getting people out of jail more quickly and providing whole-person support for making a fresh start.
  • Crisis Assistance Helping Out on the Streets, or “CAHOOTS.” A 30-year-old Eugene, Ore., initiative designed to help some of the most vulnerable citizens is attracting national attention, with programs modeled on the initiative cropping up across the country.
  • St. Louis will start diverting 911 calls involving mental health issues to specially trained behavioral health professionals instead of police or fire personnel.