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Illinois Eliminates Financial Conditions of Release

Statue of justice scalesWith the recent enactment of HB 3653, Illinois became the first state to eliminate financial conditions of pretrial release from state law. Read more about state legal structures and other conditions of release in NCSL’s recent report on the statutory framework of pretrial release. Read More>>

NCSL Law Enforcement Statutory Database

Check out the state of state law enforcement laws using NCSL’s statutory database. The database covers nine areas of the law including use-of-force standards, use-of-force investigations, use-of-force data, qualified immunity, training, traffic stop data, legal duties and liabilities, certification, and decertification. Check back for more topics coming soon! 
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NCSL Law Enforcement Legislation Database

NCSL is tracking pending law enforcement legislation in the states. New legislation is added regularly and the status of legislation in the database is updated daily. Check out what is new in the states or look back at legislation that was enacted in 2020. 
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NCSL Blog: New Study Shows Drop in Jail Populations

A recent telebriefing hosted to feature this new study on jail populations, Laurie Garduque, the director for justice reform at the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation also announced $18 million in new funding for 15 local Safety and Justice Challenge sites across the nation. Read more about the Safety and Justice Challenge, the new study and NCSL’s role in our new blog. Read More>>

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  • NCSL and state lawmakers recently contributed to a report about competency to stand trial. Now, a new video provides an overview and features other contributors who have first hand experience working in competency systems across the states.
  • Arnold Ventures is pursuing research to inform policing policy. According to Arnold Venture’s Walter Katz, “Addressing big, multifaceted problems like this is our bread-and-butter.” Learn more about AV’s recent research roundtables here or the cost of policing litigation here.
  • In the first six months of Denver’s Support Team Assisted Response (STAR) program, a new evaluation shows that 748 incidents were handled by paramedics and mental health clinicians. 
  • Jurisdictions across the nation are working to reduce jail populations, particularly as court backlogs have people waiting longer for their day in court.