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Screening and treating behavioral health issues like depression, anxiety and substance use can be difficult in ordinary circumstances. Learn more about how states have worked to sustain behavioral health services through the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Lawmakers are examining all parts of their criminal justice systems with an eye toward making meaningful reforms, based on data. They are learning that data is essential to improving pretrial practices and refining the rules on who goes to jail or prison and for how long.

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  • Michigan lawmakers propose a package of legislation in response to recommendations from the Michigan Joint Task Force on Jail and Pretrial Incarceration.
  • Texas senators say that pretrial release reforms will be a priority in the upcoming legislative session.
  • A recent report from the ACLU analyzes crime rates before and during the COVID-19 pandemic, finding no increase in crime in most cities despite changes to jail populations.
  • Mobile outreach vans are one way public health officials are reaching out to provide services to individuals with substance use disorders. The Legislative Analysis and Public Policy Association has an overview of state and local outreach vans and the services they provide.

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