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Police carLegislatures Address Police Accountability

At least 16 states and the District of Columbia have restricted law enforcement use of neck restraints. And four states—Colorado, Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Mexico—have limited officer immunity from civil suit for misconduct. Read More>>

GavelSpeedy Trial Rights Across the Nation

Forty states and Washington, D.C., have statutory rights to a speedy trial in addition to the right to speedy trial found in the Sixth and 13th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. These statutes can provide more specific time frames that go beyond constitutional guidance. Read More>>

News: Police Reforms Sweep Across the U.S.

States have passed 140 oversight bills since the death of George Floyd, increasing accountability and overhauling use of force laws. NCSL’s legislation database informs a New York Times analysis of the changes. Read More>>

News: A Closer Look at Law Enforcement Reforms in the States

At least 36 states have enacted new laws in the last year, according to an Associated Press analysis of NCSL’s legislation database. Many of the new laws passed with bipartisan support, but not every state is advancing reform legislation. Read More>>

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