Criminal Justice Staff Workspace

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Who can participate on the collaborative workspace?
A: Legislative staff who work on criminal justice issues. Participants include partisan and non-partisan researchers, policy analysts, legal drafters, fiscal analysts and performance analysts.

Q: Who has access to the collaborative workspace?
A: Legislative staff (or legislators) who are registered users of NCSL’s web site are the only participants. No outside organizations or individuals have access to the work space. For more information on accessing NCSL web resources, please visit NCSL's Website FAQ's or the NCSL Legislative Staff Services page.

Q: How can I use the workspace most effectively?
A: You may post questions, provide responses, or share documents and other information related to criminal justice. The amount and kind of participation shapes the value of this resource to staff in state legislatures. It is recommended that posts be specific and concise, and that users contribute collaboratively by providing responses and sharing documents as well as posting thoughtful questions.

Q: Are there any restrictions on my questions or responses?
A: Just some common-sense guidelines: Avoid promotion or solicitation, watch for conflict of interest, avoid overly broad questions and responses, be collegial, and please stick to criminal or juvenile justice topics.

Q: How can I upload a document I would like to share?
A: The Document Library on the collaborative workspace allows you to upload Word and PDF documents. Select “Add New Document” and fill in the requested information. To upload a new document, rather than editing an existing document, be sure to select the “MyFolder/” option under the File Location drop-down menu.

Q: Do I receive emails related the workspace?
A: By default you will not receive any emails, but you may “opt-in” to receive email notification. Opting-in to email notification of new posts or comments can be done within the forum settings or you can be notified of updates to a specific thread by selecting the email notification option within that thread.

Q: What is the NCSL role in the collaborative workspace?
A: The collaborative workspace is hosted by NCSL to provide an electronic forum for legislative staff from across the states to electronically interact with each other. NCSL criminal justice staff monitor the forum for appropriate and relevant content and will, from time-to-time, participate in or initiate discussions. If you have a criminal justice information request for NCSL, please contact us directly via email at or by phone at 303-364-7700. On other topics, please check the NCSL A-Z Contacts List or call the Denver office at the number provided.