Corrections and Sentencing


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Criminal Records and Reentry

A criminal record creates barriers to jobs, occupational licensing, housing, and higher education opportunities. Click to read our reports and databases on how state legislatures are working to help released offenders successfully transition back into the community.


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Community Supervision

Use our Community Supervision (probation and parole) enactment database to track legislation in your state, compare laws with the 50-state charts, or read our recent reports.



Corrections and Sentencing


Criminal Justice Budget Series

Criminal Justice Budgeting Series

This series of briefs provides state legislators and staff with an overview of the interplay between state budgets and the criminal justice system. These briefs identify opportunities for policy changes that can be fiscally beneficial while still ensuring public safety and encouraging successful outcomes for individuals involved with the justice system. 


COVID-19 and the Criminal Justice System: A Guide for State Lawmakers

COVID-19 has significantly affected the American criminal justice system. In particular, states have tried to reduce involvement with the justice system and limit person-to-person interactions, whether with law enforcement, in courts, in jails and prisons, or with community supervision officers. Read about these and other actions in our brief.


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Results-Driven Governing Q&A Series

In this Q&A, Utah Representative Eric Hutchings (R) explained how asking the right questions and relying on data have led policymakers to understand the root causes of pressing problems and invest resources wisely.


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NCSL Partners

NCSL Sentencing and Corrections partners with The Pew Charitable Trusts' public safety performance project, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, and the Laura and John Arnold Foundation on sentencing and corrections policies.