Agriculture Task Force | 2017 Fall Meeting


Sioux Falls meetingNCSL's Agriculture Task Force held its Fall Meeting in Sioux Falls, S.D., Oct. 12-14, 2017. The task force helps develop NCSL policy options to address critical agriculture and rural development issues facing the states and serves as a conduit for state legislative communication with the Federal government. 

The meeting brought together task force members and agriculture-focused legislators to discuss pressing state-federal agriculture policy issues. Participants also made a site visit to POET's largest ethanol processing facility. 

Thursday, Oct. 12

     Welcome Dinner

Friday, Oct. 13

POET Biorefinery Tour & Retailer Overview

Participants toured the largest POET biorefinery, just 20 miles southwest of Sioux Falls, SD, and recieved an overview of the plant and the ethanol manufacturing process from the facilities manager. Following the tour, attendees visited an ethanol retailer with both E-15 and E-85 consumer pumps. Upon returning to the hotel, the participants went straight into a presentation on farm conservation and sustainable efforts in South Dakota. 

Farm Conservation and Sustainable Efforts in South Dakota | Dan Forgey, Cronin Farms | Presentation Michelle Burke, Natural Resources Conservation Service | Presentation

Saturday, Oct. 14

Joint Session on Rural Health

Agriculture Task Force Members joined the Task Force on Innovations in State Health Systems for a joint session on rural health. NCSL Health Program staff provided an overview of the challenges faced by rural communities accessing health services and described four innovative strategies states are taking. Participants then had an opportunity to discuss challenges and opportunities within their own states while sharing innovative policy aimed at improving rural health. Presentation.