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The Story of Legislatures

This page includes information about a special six-part podcast on the 400-year history of America's state legislatures. The first podcast is now available!



Limiting Political Activity for Nonpartisan Staff

Legislatures have an interest in ensuring that nonpartisan staff refrain from political activities that may diminish their effectiveness, but staff also have the constitutional right to express themselves politically. Case law, state statutes and legislative rules seek to balance employees’ rights with the nonpartisan nature of their jobs.

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About State Legislatures


Modernizing Congress: States Show the Way

Most headlines about Congress tend to shout about its extreme polarization. However, a bipartisan committee of 12 members of the U.S. House of Representatives are looking to state legislatures on how to modernize Congress. 



Sexual Harassment

State legislatures across the country are tackling the issue of sexual harassment. Over 100 bills have been introduced on the topic nationwide. NCSL is tracking current legislation and has made policy and training recommendations.


Adding Third Parties to Legislative Sexual Harassment Policies

Sexual harassment policies in more than half of state legislatures surveyed in 2019 apply to third-party actors. Definitions of third-party actors differ throughout legislative offices and may include lobbyists, media, vendors, tourists and the general public. What are other states doing?


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Decorum in Debate

Each chamber of a legislative institution has the right to protect its proceedings by controlling interactions among its members on the floor and in committee. This LegisBrief is designed to help readers gain a better understanding of decorum in a debate.