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Term Limits Case Studies

As of August 31, 2005

These case studies are part of the work product of the Joint Project on Term Limits (JPTL), a unique three-year cooperative venture between a team of academic political scientists and staff members of the National Conference of State Legislatures, the Council of State Governments, and the State Legislative Leaders Foundation.  A pair of investigators consisting of an academic political scientist and a practitioner from one of the national organizations conducted interviews and gathered data based on common procedures and agreed-upon key issues for investigation in each of six term-limited states (Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Maine, Ohio) and three non-term-limited control states (Illinois, Indiana, Kansas) in 2002-04.  The use of control states is designed to help us separate out term limit effects from other changes influencing legislatures during the same period.  The selection of case study states was based on obtaining a mix of professionalized, hybrid, and citizen legislatures, the presence (or absence) of other term limit studies, and the agreement of legislative leaders that their state be included in the project.  Condensed versions of these case studies have been published in an edited volume by Rick Farmer, John Green, and Rich Jones, Legislating Without Experience: Case Studies in State Legislative Term Limits (2006). 


State/Document Title

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David R. Berman
Senior Research Fellow, Morrison Institute for Public policy and Professor Emeritus of Political Science Arizona State University

Adobe PDF Arizona
Effects of Legislative Term Limits in Arizona (29 pages)

Art English
University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Brian Weberg
National Conference of State Legislatures

 Adobe PDF Arkansas
Term Limits in the Arkansas General Assembly: A Citizen Legislature Responds (55 pages)

Bruce E. Cain
University of California, Berkeley

Thad Kousser
University of California, San Diego

Adobe PDF California
Adapting to Term Limits in California:  Recent Experiences and New Directions  (111 pages)

John A. Straayer
Professor, Colorado State University

Jennie Drage Bowser
National Conference of State Legislatures

Adobe PDF Colorado
Colorado’s Legislative Term Limits (127 pages)

Christopher Z. Mooney
Institute of Government and Public Affairs
University of Illinois at Springfield

Tim Storey
National Conference of State Legislatures

 Adobe PDF Illinois
The Illinois General Assembly, 1992-2003:  Leadership Control, Continuity, and Partisanship (74 pages)

Gerald C. Wright
Indiana University

David Ogle
State Legislative Leaders Foundation

 Adobe PDF Indiana
The Indiana General Assembly (23 pages)

Michael A. Smith
Kansas State University

Brenda Erickson
National Conference of State Legislatures

Adobe PDF Kansas
Kansas: A Retro Approach to Lawmaking (28 pages)

Richard J. Powell
University of Maine

Rich Jones
National Conference of State Legislatures

Adobe PDF Maine

First in the Nation: Term Limits and the Maine Legislature (71 pages)

Rick Farmer
University of Akron

Thomas H. Little
State Legislative Leaders Foundation

Adobe PDF Ohio
Legislative Power in the Buckeye State:  The Revenge of Term Limits (21 pages)



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