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2020 Mason's Manual Now Available

Mason’s Manual is the only parliamentary manual designed specifically for state legislatures and addresses problems and concepts in the context legislators are likely to deal with them. Not only is the 2020 edition available in time for the 2021 legislative session, but for the first time ever, it is offered in both print and digital formats. Accessing parliamentary laws, rules and procedures has never been easier.


Back to the Future: The Past Year Will Guide Planning for 2021 Sessions

What to expect for legislatures in 2021? Nearly a year’s worth of pandemic-related adaptations could give state lawmakers guidance in planning their upcoming sessions.

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Continuity of Legislature During Emergency

NCSL has compiled information for legislatures to consider in developing or reviewing a continuity of government plan. 



State Legislator Demographics

This new interactive webpage builds on NCSL's previous research on the demographics of state legislators and allows users to compare data from 2015 to that from 2020. The analysis covers the gender, race/ethnicity, education, age and religion of legislators across the country.


2021 State Legislative Session Calendar

Find out the 2021 state legislative session dates: when state sessions begin, adjourn and convene for special sessions.


legislative chamber in California

Coronavirus and State Legislatures in the News

NCSL is tracking the impact the coronavirus (COVID-19) may have on state legislatures, including suspension or postponement of legislative session or committee hearings, reduced public access or temporary closure of state capitols and remote participation. Check back often for updated news articles.