Legislator Data


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Who We Elect: An Interactive Graphic 

Select one of six categories—generation, gender, education, occupation, ethnicity and religion—to view detailed information on the characteristics of American legislators compared to the population as a whole. Data are from 2015.


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Term Limits

Term limits began to take effect in the 1990s, negatively impacting many legislatures. Term limits presented challenges for legislatures that wish to remain strong, effective institutions. Legislatures adapted to cope with these challenges. 

Results Driven Governing


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Women in Legislatures

Since 1969, the number of women serving in state legislatures has increased from several hundred to 1,875 (25.4 percent of the 7,383 seats) as of 2018.



Hispanic Legislators

The 2010 census revealed that Americans reporting Hispanic heritage is now the single largest minority group in the country at 14 percent while Hispanic representatives in state legislatures is at only 4 percent.