2018 Legislator Compensation Information


Annually, NCSL collects legislative salary and per diem information from all 50 states. This information is presented in the table below. 

Every other year, NCSL conducts a broader survey on legislative compensation, including information on mileage reimbursement, office supplies and benefits. In 2018, NCSL decided to wait to collect this information until the majority of states were out of session. The results of this survey will be available by the fall of 2018. For the most up to date look at the type of information available from these surveys, please see NCSL's 2016 Legislator Compensation page. 


Legislative Salaries and Per Diem
State Base Salary Per Diem
Alabama $46,257 Alabama legislators no longer receive a set per diem rate while in session. Legislators are reimbursed for in-state travel expenses which include mileage and per diem in accordance with rates and procedures applicable to state employees. All out-of-district reimbursable travel must be for official business and in the interests of the state or in the performance of official duties, as approved by the applicable presiding officer.
Alaska $50,400 $275/day. Tied to the federal rate.
Arizona $24,000 $35/d for legislators who live in Maricopa County; $60/d for legislators who live outside of Maricopa County.
Arkansas $40,188 $155 for legislators who live more than 50 miles from the Capitol; $59 for legislators who live less than 50 miles from the Capitol.
California $107,241 $192/d for each day in session.
Colorado $30,000 85 percent of federal per diem for members living outside Denver; $45/d for members who live 50 or fewer miles from the capitol (V). Set by the legislature.
Connecticut $28,000 No per diem is paid.
Delaware $45,291 No per diem is paid.
Florida $29,697 $152/d based on the number of days in Tallahassee (V).
Georgia $17,342 $173/d (U). Set by the Legislative Services Committee.
Hawaii $62,604 $225/d.
Idaho $17,358 $129/d for members establishing a second residence in Boise; $49/d if no second residence is established and up to $25/d travel (V). Set by the compensation commission.
Illinois $67,836 $111/session day.
Indiana $25,945 $173/d (U).
Iowa $25,000 $168/d.
Kansas $88.66/day (C) $144/d.
Kentucky $188.22/day (C) $158/d.
Louisiana $16,800 $164/d.
Maine $10,131 $38/d lodging (or mileage and tolls up to $38/d in lieu of housing). $32/d meals. Set by statute.
Maryland $50,330 $47/d meals. $106/d lodging.
Massachusetts $62,548 No per diem is paid.
Michigan $71,685 $10,800/y expense allowance for session and interim (V). Set by the compensation commission.
Minnesota $45,000 $86/d for senators; $66/d for representatives.
Mississippi $23,500 $144/day.
Missouri $35,915 $115.20/day.
Montana $90.64/day (L) $114/d.
Nebraska $12,000 $144/d for members residing 50 miles or more from the capitol; $51/d for members residing inside the 50-mile radius.
Nevada $150.71/day for legislators elected in 2016, $146.29/day for midterm legislators $142/d.
New Hampshire $200/2-y term. No per diem is paid.
New Jersey $49,000 No per diem is paid.
New Mexico None $161/day.
New York $79,500 $174/d (including overnight) or $59/d (no overnight).
North Carolina $13,951 $104/d (U). Set by statute.
North Dakota $177/day (C) Up to $1,682/m lodging (V).
Ohio $60,584 No per diem is paid.
Oklahoma $38,400 $154/d.
Oregon $24,216 $144/d.
Pennsylvania $87,180 $183/d.
Rhode Island $15,630 No per diem is paid.
South Carolina $10,400 $202.03 (L).
South Dakota $6,000/session $144/d (L) (U).
Tennessee $22,667 $229/d.
Texas $7,200 $190/d (U). Set by ethics commission.
Utah $273/day (C Up to $100 plus tax/d (C) lodging; up to $42/date meals (V). Tied to in-state lodging and meal reimbursement rates. 
Vermont 723.27/week $125/d lodging (including overnight) or $69/d (no overnight).
Virginia $18,000/y Senate; $17,640/y House. $203/d
Washington $47,776/y; increases to $48,731/y eff. 9/1/2018. $120/d.
West Virginia $20,000 $131/d (U). Set by compensation commission.
Wisconsin $50,950 Senate—up to $115/d ($57.50/d Senators living in Dane County).
Assembly—up to $157d (including overnight) or up to $78.50/d (no overnight). The maximum number of days per year that per diem can be claimed is 90 days.
Wyoming $150/day $109/d (V). Set by legislature.


Source: National Conference of State Legislatures, 2018

(C) = Calendar Day, (L) = Legislative Day

(V) = Vouchered, (U) = Unvouchered

John Mahoney is a policy specialist in the NCSL Center for Legislative Strengthening