Sexual Harassment Training in State Legislatures


Presenter with ListenersNCSL recently conducted a survey on sexual harassment training in state legislatures. After reviewing all submitted responses and examining best practices recommended by experts, NCSL has determined that an effective sexual harassment training program should include the following elements.

Training Elements

  • Training should be done in a classroom setting with a live trainer.
  • Training should be mandatory.
  • Training should include a summarization of the national laws on sexual harassment, as well as state- and legislature-specific policies.
  • The legislative HR director, or other individual(s) tasked with receiving sexual harassment complaints, should be present.
  • Training should be offered at new member or new employee orientations.
  • Leadership should be engaged in the training.
  • Training should incorporate case studies and examples of harassment, specifically highlighting situations unique to the legislature.
  • Annual training should be dynamic and vary by topics covered and in presentation style.
  • Trainers should ask attendees to fill out evaluations, to ensure the training is meeting their needs.
  • There should be separate training for legislative staff and membership.

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