Legislative Sessions and the Coronavirus


california legislative chamber

NCSL is tracking the impact the coronavirus (COVID-19) may have on state legislatures, including suspension or postponement of legislative sessions. As of June 24, 2020, at least two legislatures (Illinois and Nebraska) have postponed their legislative session. 

This information will be updated regularly. For information on regular legislative session dates click here. In addition, NCSL is also tracking the postponement or suspension of committee meetings, changes in legislative procedures and operations, and remote participation due to the coronavirus (COVID-19).


State Session Status 
Alabama Adjourned sine die May 18.
Alaska Adjourned sine die May 19.
Arizona Adjourned sine die May 26.
Arkansas Special session March 26-28 on budget. Adjourned sine die April 24.
California Reconvened May 4.
Colorado Adjourned sine die June 15.
Connecticut Adjourned sine die May 6.
Delaware Reconvened May 26.
Florida Adjourned sine die March 19.
Georgia Reconvened June 15.
Hawaii Reconvened June 22.
Idaho Senate adourned sine die March 19. House adjourned sine die March 20.
Illinois Special session May 20-24.
Indiana Adjourned sine die March 11.
Iowa Adjourned sine die June 14.
Kansas Special session June 3-4.
Kentucky Adjourned sine die April 15.
Louisiana Adjourned sine die June 1. Special session June 1-30 on Budget.
Maine Adjourned sine die March 17.
Maryland Adjourned sine die March 18.
Massachusetts Convened April 30.
Michigan Convened April 7.
Minnesota Adjourned sine die May 18. Special session June 12.
Mississippi Reconvened May 7. 
Missouri Adjourned sine die May 17.
Montana Not in session in 2020; interim committee meetings canceled. 
Nebraska Adjourned until July 20.
Nevada Not in session in 2020; most interim committee meetings canceled in March.
New Hampshire House reconvened June 11. Senate reconvened June 16.
New Jersey Assembly convened via teleconference March 25. Assembly and Senate scheduled quorum April 9. Senate remote voting session April 13.
New Mexico Special session June 18.   
New York Resumed session May 26.
North Carolina Convened April 29.
North Dakota Not in session in 2020. A couple of committee meetings have been canceled.
Ohio Next voting session April 28.
Oklahoma Adjourned sine die May 29.
Oregon Adjourned sine die March 8.
Pennsylvania House and Senate convened floor sessions using remote participation and voting week of March 23.
Rhode Island Reconvened June 17.
South Carolina Adjourned sine die on May 14. Reconvenes June 23, re: federal CARES Act. Special session September 15.
South Dakota Adjourned sine die March 30.
Tennessee Adjourned June 19.
Texas  Not in session in 2020; Senate interim committees postponed.
Utah Adjourned sine die March 12. Special sessions April 16, April 17 and April 23. Adjourned special session sine die April 23. Special session June 18.
Vermont Quorum on April 8. 
Virginia Adjourned sine die March 12. Veto session on April 22.
Washington Adjourned sine die March 12.
Washington, D.C. No suspension or postponement of the legislative session has been announced.
West Virginia Adjourned sine die March 7.
Wisconsin Adjourned sine die May 13.
Wyoming Adjourned sine die March 12.
Puerto Rico  
American Samoa  
Guam Reconvened April 16.
Northern Mariana Islands Reconvened April 21.
Virgin Islands Reconvened May 7.