Legislative Organization


Map showing legislature status

Full Time or Part Time

It seems like an easy question: Which legislatures are full time and which are part time? But with 50 different formulas for designing a state legislature, it's difficult to paint this issue in black and white. So we've done it in green, gray and gold.



Crown of people

Membership Size

State legislative membership varies in size, currently ranging from 49 to 424 total members. Legislative size has not remained static, however. Numerous legislatures have changed size in the past four decades.


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US map showing legislative control

Party Composition

Democrat ... Green ... Independent ... Republican. State legislators differ in their political party affiliations, so every legislative election affects the partisan composition of chambers in all states except Nebraska. Legislators in Nebraska are required to run on a nonpartisan basis.


Indiana legislature

In Case of a Tie

One political party typically controls a legislative chamber. Equal splits in partisan composition occur more frequently than most people expect, however. A partisan stalemate does not mean that the business of the state comes to a halt. Find out how legislative chambers have handled legislative deadlock.