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How Legislative Meetings Went Virtual in Wyoming

Wyoming legislative leadership recognized early in the pandemic that providing virtual participation for constituents during committee meetings was an immediate necessity. Here’s how the Legislative Service Office created a system that streams legislative meetings for constituents who wish to listen to and testify before committees.


Remote Public Participation in Committee Proceedings

The COVID-19 pandemic posed many new challenges for state lawmakers this past year, not least among them: how to keep “the people's house” open to the public, as some state capitol buildings were closed and some legislative chambers met remotely. This page examines the approaches legislatures have used to integrate public participation. 

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Continuity of Legislature During Emergency

NCSL has compiled information for legislatures to consider in developing or reviewing a continuity of government plan. 



The Show Much Go On: Legislative Sessions Update

Every year NCSL tracks when legislatures convene and adjourn, but sessions in the age of COVID have required extra careful attention. The pandemic has forced legislative operations to be nimble and flexible, and the session calendar reflects this.


2021 State Legislative Session Calendar

Find out the 2021 state legislative session dates: when state sessions begin, adjourn and convene for special sessions.


legislative chamber in California

Legislator's Guide to Parliamentary Procedure

Now available online! This guide provides basic parliamentary information in an easy-to-read format. It is not a comprehensive parliamentary manual nor does it cover every nuance of legislative procedure. Rather, it serves as a primer on parliamentary fundamentals.