Bill Tracking and Subscription Services on Legislative Websites


Every state offers free public access to bill status information on the Internet. Increasingly, however, legislatures are offering online tools that make it easy for citizens to track bills and keep up with legislative proceedings in their state. At least 37 state legislatures offer these customizable tracking and notification services, either for bill tracking and/or for other types of legislative information. In addition, some state legislatures provide updates about bills and other legislative events via Twitter or other social media tools or by RSS.

Bill Tracking Services Provided by State Legislatures


 Bill Tracking Management Facility, also, SMS Bill Tracking: text a bill number (ex: HB1) to enroll in text alerts. 

 Arizona   Bill Tracking


 Personalized Bill Tracking


 My Subscriptions (bill and keyword tracking)


 Bill Tracking


 Delaware Notification Service / instructions

 Florida House

 Personalized Legislative Tracking

 Florida Senate  Senate Tracker
 Hawaii  Measure Tracking
 Idaho  My Bill Tracker
 Illinois  My Legislation
 Iowa  Bills and Rules Watch


 Bill Watch / online tutorial

 Louisiana  My Legis
 Maryland  Legislation Tracking


 Michigan Notification Service


 MyBills Subscription Service

 Missouri Senate  Bill Reporting System


 Montana Legislature Preference Account


 Bill Tracker


 Personalized Legislative Tracking (PLT)  

 New Jersey   Bill Subscription Service

 New Mexico


 New York Senate  Bill Status Alerts
 North Carolina  Legislation via Email
 North Dakota  Legislative Bill Tracking System
 Ohio  My Ohio Legislature
 Oklahoma  Legislative Electronic Notification Service

 Bill Alerts


 PaLegis Notifications

 Rhode Island  Bill Tracker

 South Carolina

 Legislative Information Tracking System / Overview

 South Dakota  My LRC
 Tennessee  My Bills



 Utah  Bill Tracking


 Lobbyist-in-a-Box Free Service (Track up to five bills)

 Washington  Track Bills (also provides RSS feeds)


 Notify: Legislative Notification System

 West Virginia  Personalized Bill Tracking


E-mail Subscriptions | Other Legislative Information
 Florida Senate  Committees, Publications, Press Releases, Videos, etc.


 Hearing Notification


 E-mail Subscriptions to Iowa Legislative Publications (Legislative publications, committee notices, administrative rules, etc.)


 E-mail Notification of Committee Meetings

 Maine  Legislature Mailing Lists
 Michigan  Committee Notice Signup

 Minnesota House

 House Mailing Lists (Schedules, press releases, Order of Business updates and other updates)

 Minnesota Senate

 Senate Email List Subscription Form (Senate schedules, committee notices)

 Nevada   Interim Committee Information

 North Carolina

 Calendars and Commitee Notices via eMail

 Oklahoma Senate  Committee Meeting Notices via eMail (sign up under individual committee websites)
 Pennsylvania  Daily Session Activity
 South Carolina

 Legislative Information Tracking System

 South Dakota

 Agenda and Calendar Tracking System

 Tennessee  Senate Weekly Calendars, House Weekly Calendars


 E-Mail Updates  (General legislative news, news from legislators, committees)

 Virginia House  E-Mail notification (Committee notifications, available under individual House Committees)


 Legislative Lists  (Schedules for committee and floor sessions, agendas for House and Senate standing committees)


 Notify: Legislative Notification System

 Wyoming  E-mail notifications and subscriptions (Committee meeting notices, meeting agendas, meeting minutes, committee bill drafts, committee materials/submittals


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