Capitol and COVID

NCSL Summary of COVID Relief and FY2021 Funding Package

This is NCSL’s initial summary of the COVID-19 Economic Relief Bill, including info on stimulus checks, unemployment benefits, small business provisions and more. Also, check out highlights of the $1.4 billion omnibus appropriations provisions.


NCSL podcast

States and COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

Each state is working with a plan involved in distributing and administering the two COVID-19 vaccines. On this podcast we discuss how those plans were created, how they’ve had to change as the pandemic has progressed and what lies ahead.

NCSL State Liaisons



The Canvass

The January 2021 issue summarizes the past year's legislative action on elections, including absentee/mail voting, which was the hot topic of 2020. This month's newsletter also features an interview with South Dakota Representative Herman Otten (R), analysis of how people voted in 2020 and other things worth noting


chamber desk

2021 State Legislative Session Calendar

Find out the 2021 state legislative session dates: when state sessions begin, adjourn and convene for special sessions.


college campus

Higher Education Legislative Activity

NCSL provides a summary of state legislation relating to higher education, postsecondary education, colleges and universities in 2020.


Utah legislature

Legislative Sessions 2021: 10 Trends to Watch

The biggest issues of any year are often the same every year. But 2020 was not just any year, and COVID-19 is not just any virus. Here is a look at what to expect in 2021 sessions.