Lead in pipe

Addressing Lead in Drinking Water

This NCSL resource provides an overview of state and federal efforts to address lead in drinking water, including a summary of the newly revised Lead and Copper Rule.


Capitol and cash

Top Fiscal Issues for 2022

Legislators are returning to state capitols for their 2022 sessions with more funds than they anticipated thanks to rebounding revenues and federal assistance. This fiscal brief takes a look at some of states’ top fiscal priorities for the new year.



ballot with check boxes

Election Bill Rubric: Five Deliberation Points

The five points outlined give legislators and staff tangible starting points for analysis and discussion to help craft and assess effective election legislation.


A plane flying over a bridge arching over two semi trucks driving, and a cargo boat docked in a shipping port

Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

The House gave its approval to the bipartisan $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which the Senate approved in August.


police car

Significant Trends in Law Enforcement

Many of the bills enacted during 2020 and 2021 have created more robust state statutory standards, instituted accountability measures and provided guidance and support for law enforcement.


Map with two squares with arrows. Left square reads "State Action on Coronavirus Relief Funds." Right square reads "ARPA State Fiscal Recovery Fund Allocations."

How States are Spending their Stimulus Funds

NCSL provides a brief summary and links to databases related to state allocations of flexible COIVD-19 funding through federal stimulus packages.