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The Statutory Framework of Pretrial Release

State law is one piece of the puzzle that makes up the legal framework for pretrial release policy, which governs the eligibility and conditions of release of people after arrest. This report provides an overview of the current statutory framework for pretrial policy in the states.


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Plans Emerging for COVID-19 Vaccine Allocation

While the end goal is to offer COVID-19 vaccines to the entire U.S. population, the federal government, states and local jurisdictions want to be sure it goes first to those who need it most.

Results Driven Governing


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The Canvass

The December 2020 issue examines recounts, including who can request them, what automatically triggers them, how much they cost and more. This month's newsletter also includes an interview with Vermont Senator Jeanette White (D), details on Alaska's Measure 2 and other things worth noting.


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Juvenile Probation

NCSL helped create a first of its kind, comprehensive online statutory resource of juvenile probation laws which serves as a spotlight summary of information that is most important to legislators who have experience in the juvenile justice field.


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Ensuring Residents' Safety in Nursing Facilities

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, many states have passed legislation expanding oversight of nursing facilities to protect the approximately 1.25 million Americans who live in them.


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Motor Fuel Taxes

States continue to explore possible replacements for the motor fuel tax as vehicles become more fuel efficient and the surge of new electric vehicles continues.