federal spending

States Gearing Up for Fiscal Recovery Funds

This brief reviews how states are preparing to receive and spend the Coronavirus State Fiscal Recovery Funds under the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021.


White House

President’s FY 2022 Budget Request

President Joe Biden released the complete details of his fiscal year 2022 budget proposal. NCSL provides a summary of the administration's requested increases across most departments and agencies.

Map Making


reviewing high bill

Surprise Medical Billing

Surprise medical billing happens when someone seeks care at an in-network facility or provider but receives services that are out-of-network. Legislative efforts to protect consumers from surprise bills have been steadily increasing, illustrated by recent laws enacted across the nation and political spectrum. 


voting pins

The Canvass: NCSL's Elections Update

The June 2021 issue looks at how legislators have shifted their attention from the voter experience to new trends, including the prohibition of private funding for running elections, legislative oversight of local election officials, ballot collection laws, ballot drop boxes and more.


emergency funds

Spending Federal Stimulus Funds

An unprecedented amount of federal funds has flowed to states over the past year and a half as the U.S. combats the coronavirus pandemic, but who has the authority to spend those funds?


students in class

Building a Strong Early Learning Workforce

The quality of early education teachers has been shown to be a key driver in overall classroom quality and outcomes for prekindergarten children.