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Facial Recognition Gaining Measured Acceptance

Facial recognition technology has state lawmakers, government officials, businesspeople and consumers everywhere exploring the opportunities and benefits it may offer. So why have Amazon, IBM and Microsoft announced plans to limit their sales of the technology?


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NCSL Privacy Week

NCSL Privacy Week, Sept. 21-25, is designed for legislators and legislative staff who are interested in data privacy and related topics. Privacy Week will examine policy issues including consumer data policy, government data usage, and the intersections between data privacy and cybersecurity.

Webinar Redistricting


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Election Update from NCSL

This issue of The Canvass examines the onslaught of litigation on nearly all aspects of mail/absentee voting, including how these issues generally fall along party lines. This month's newsletter also includes an interview with Georgia Representative Shaw Blackmon, information about ballot drop boxes and other things worth noting.


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Consumer Data Privacy

This web page discusses consumer data privacy legislation in the 50 states in 2020 and includes information on data broker legislation, biometrics and facial recognition bills aimed at the private sector.


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2020 Impaired-Driving Trends to Watch

Alcohol-impaired driving continues to kill thousands of Americans every year, while drug use compounds the problem. Lawmakers continue to seek strategies to use in battling this persistent public health issue.


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Reversing the Rising Tide of Suicide

Suicide is a preventable cause of death and states, local governments and the federal government are implementing a variety of strategies to reverse its escalation.