COVID-19 and education

Education Finance in the Time of COVID-19

COVID-19 has most certainly had an impact on states’ education budgets. As states amend or revise their education budgets and finances to meet current fiscal conditions, this page will be updated to reflect those actions.


NCSL podcast

NCSL's Election Update

The August issue of The Canvass investigates polling places and the ways lawmakers can help state and local election officials secure sufficient locations. The issue also includes an interview with Maine Senator Louis Luchini, a legislative action bulletin and other things worth noting.

Webinar Redistricting


City skyline and night traffic.

Securing the Nation’s Energy Future

This biennial report tracks legislation and policy trends around several key themes, including disaster preparedness, system resilience and infrastructure protection. The past two years has seen significant growth in legislative action.


traffic lights

Automated Enforcement Overview

Because of limited resources, many local governments have turned to automated enforcement to enforce red-light-running and speeding violations without diverting law enforcement resources from other areas. NCSL tracks state legislative activity related to red light cameras and speed enforcement cameras.


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Criminal Justice Coordinating Councils

Criminal Justice Coordinating Councils, which bring together stakeholders to explore and respond to issues in the criminal justice system, are among the ways legislatures can engage with local governments to produce criminal justice reform.


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Sustaining Behavioral Health Services Through the Pandemic

With the coronavirus pandemic’s potential to exacerbate behavioral health problems, state legislatures, health departments and the federal government are boosting mental health awareness and screening, substance use disorder services, suicide prevention efforts and more.