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NAPACSL Leadership

NAPACSL is led by an Executive Committee, made up of five state legislators, and a Steering Committee, comprised of the Executive Committee and co-chairs of each of the three standing policy committees.

Executive Committee Members

  • Chair: Delegate Kriselda Valderrama, Maryland
  • Chair-Elect: Senator Raj Mukherji, New Jersey
  • Vice Chair: Senator Troy Hashimoto, Hawaii
  • Secretary: Senator Scott Kawasaki, Alaska
  • Treasurer: Representative My-Linh Thai, Washington
  • Past-Chair: Representative Kyle Yamashita, Hawaii

Policy Committees

Economic Development and Trade Committee

  • Co-Chair: Representative Liz Lee, Minnesota
  • Co-Chair: Representative Andrew Takuya Garrett, Hawaii

Education Committee

  • Co-Chair: Assemblymember Erica Mosca, Nevada
  • Co-Chair: Rep. Sharon Tomiko Santos, Washington

Health, Human Services and Housing Committee

  • Co-Chair: Assemblymember Duy Nguyen, Nevada
  • Co-Chair: Senator Joy San Buenaventura, Hawaii

Special Committee on Anti-Asian Bias and Xenophobia

  • Co-Chair: Representative Fue Lee, Minnesota
  • Co-Chair: Representative Sharon Tomiko Santos, Washington

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