Updated NCSL Report on Legislative Efforts on Public-Private Partnerships


NCSL press release

NCSL Releases Updated Report on Legislative Efforts on Public-Private Partnerships (P3s)

Denver – Since 2010, public interest in Public-private partnerships (P3s) has expanded from the transportation sector into other types of public infrastructure, this according to a updated report from the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL). Similarly, as of February 2019, 15 states extend their authority beyond transportation, and three separate states authorize P3s only for sectors outside of transportation.

The updated report, “NCSL P3 State Legislative Update: 2016-2018,” focuses on enacted state P3 legislation between 2016 and 2018 and catalogs the state enabling statutes for P3s, specifically Public-Private Partnerships for Transportation: Categorization and Analysis of State Statutes and Building-Up: How States Utilize Public-Private Partnerships for Social & Vertical Infrastructure.

This research and webpage were developed by NCSL with support from the Build America Transportation Investment Center (BATIC) Institute: An AASHTO Center for Excellence.

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